DutcH Magazine

DutcH, the iconic fashion magazine from The Netherlands, was first published in 1994. The magazine appeared quarterly initially and later every two months, publishing 40 editions until it’s closure in 2002.

Growing into a leading international fashion magazine under founder and publisher Sandor Lubbe, together with his team, the concept was unlike any other, featuring exclusive fashion portfolios that would plant street style into the world of glossy magazines, defined by discerning allure and defying possibilities. DutcH Hagazine was, and is still, influential around the globe as a forward-thinking force of fashion, having launched the careers of many now established models and photographers.

It was a trait of DutcH to publish issues theme, dedicating the content to a certain designer or artist who served a superlative inspiration. The style of the magazine was unlike any other. Among these landmark releases was the YSL issue, dedicated to Mr. Yves Saint Laurent, and the Mario Testino edition that focused primarily on Dutch talent. Most notably, the impressive 55-page portfolio of the late Guy Bourdin (1928-1991), co-curated by Bourdin's son, Samuel, featured a unique mix of Bourdin's iconic images with a selection of unseen Polaroids. The lengthy stories and portfolios published by DutcH would serve as a model for many subsequent independent fashion publications both in The Netherlands and International. 
Having worked with an abundance of international talent including Steven Klein, Bettina Rheims, Thomas Schenk, Mario Testino, Alexei Hay, Alex Cayley, Terry Richardson, Matthias Vriens, Thomas Schenk, Philippe Commetti, Mikael Jansson, Joanne Blades, Isabella Blow, Swip Stolk and many others a team is now in discussion to develop and release an exclusive book by popular demand, featuring the best works from the archives of the iconic magazine.

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